Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Lowest job posting prices on the net!

With the economy as bad as it has been for the past few years, millions of americans have chose to give up those costly mortgages and start renting. With that being said, you can clearly see why apartment locating is the profession to get into, because lets face it, 98% of americans are too lazy to do all that searching, and calling on their own. But thats o.k. because, their laziness is the key to your financial freedom. I'm from Dallas TX, (where there is an apartment building on every block, or so it seems..) It was here in dallas that I ran into this well-dressed young man (27 years old) as he got out of his brand new Lexus at the gas station. I sparked a conversation with the young man while we both pumped our gas, and I asked him "You're very young, how did you acquire this lifestyle so early?" The man paused for a second, grinned as he turned to look at his car, then glanced at the small diner across the street, and said "care to have lunch? Its on me." Even if i wasn't already 100% interested in his success story, i still would've accepted the offer (I mean really, who would turn down a free meal and intelligent conversation?). So we went to the diner and sat down to eat. He started the conversation with a quick opening, explaining how he grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood, and did not have much growing up. He then went on to explain how after struggling for the first 6 years of his adult life, he decided to make a change. He studied the housing and real estate market for about a year, then at 25 he began working for a real estate comany selling houses. It was at that point that he realized more people were selling there houses than there were buying. Why? Because since the down slide of the u.s. economy, people just felt more comfortable renting. So he took the little commission that he earned during his last month, and started his own apartment locating company, with the knowledge he gained along his journey. The next part is just plain phenomenal! After operating his own apartment locator service for only 2 months, he achieved his first goal of $30,000. Then by the end of his second year he was at a monthly average of just over $22,000 and a yearly average of around $265,000. This is his third year, and until speaking with me, he planned on hitting the half million mark by the end of this year! It just so happens though, that I am an internet marketer, so I convinced him to team up with me and start a company that teaches others how to be successful in his field. And that is exactly what we did. We started a company called U.S. Apartment Locators Association and with his knowledge of the service, and my marketing skills, we have started teaching people all over the country how to be apartment locators.If you would like to learn more about how to become apartment locators, contact us at